Responsible Gun Ownership?

Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech and Columbine…all horrible tragedies. But why so quick to point out the number of people “killed by guns” when some kook grabs a national headline? Ill tell you why-because public shootings, especially in schools are highly visible. When something like this occurs it is completely natural for the millions of people watching on CNN to feel an overwhelming sense of compassion and then lash out passionately in anger. In those times, it is easy to miss (and dismiss) the passive value of gun ownership for law abiding citizens…the deterrent value. In these highly emotional times there are suddenly not thousands, even millions of lives saved every year by the sheer presence of a gun? Do we really think that by bogging down our ability to purchase a weapon and ammunition that we are going to stop mass killings like these? Our current laws don’t work because they are taxing on the system. How do we expect the NICS to work when the all-important data it provides depends on so many inefficient and poorly staffed municipal and State agencies to do their part? Instead of placing any real emphasis on making current processes work better, like the criminal justice system and the NICS, we are exploiting another terrible tragedy for the idea of responsible gun ownership…please define this truthfully because everything on the table right now simply jump starts the process of making gun ownership progressively more difficult and expensive for those of us who appreciate that we have the right to defend ourselves and our families…so far everything on the table only defines irresponsible politicking. Please find another headline to exploit and stop trying to make concerned gun owners feel guilty for not accepting that our right to defend ourselves and our families is at stake. I don’t see anyone coming to pick up my guns anytime soon, but I do see legislation making it more and more difficult to own one and use it for reasonably responsible purposes that I as a law abiding citizen determine.

In the mid 90s, an man came in to my Uncles house and beat him. He lived for about 2 weeks but ultimately succumbed to his injuries. Had my Uncle not known the intruder he would have probably been prepared and would have most certainly used his gun to defend himself. Having had the opportunity, I too would have shot the guy dead. So to the young man who crashed into the window of my house 3 years ago to attack a guest at our home…you are lucky I was not there because I would have shot you dead. I do not know your intent when you come into my space and I am not willing to wait and find out. If you do not yield when I tell you to, you are dead. To anyone willing to enter my space and threaten me or my family, I will shoot you dead dead dead. Otherwise, and unless I am hunting or shooting at the range, I will keep my weapon clean and safely out of reach from inquisitive little fingers. That is what I consider Responsible Gun Ownership and millions of Americans make that statement every day just by owning a gun.

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