Universal Background Checks

Expanding background checks? This system as it has long existed through NICS has never worked as the anti-gun establishment would have you believe it will. Less than one percent of all background checks ever done under the NICS have led to a purchase denial. Due to the lack of the ability of our enforcement agencies at the grass roots levels of our country to fund and feed the system, the current NICS database is only a fraction of what it would be if it functioned half as well as our anti-gun brothers and sisters believe it would. To say it is grossly underfunded at all levels may not fix the responsibility where it belongs…the fact is that it is under-appropriated at the federal level. States don’t fund it adequately at all and have no real incentive to do so.  A high percentage of States don’t report at all and in those that do, an overwhelming number of their local Governments do not. A system of background checks is only as good as the information that is fed into the database. Local Governments and Municipalities do not have the resources or funding to feed the system the kind of information that might give it some degree of effectiveness.  Additionally, there is a limited fusion effort across the country to solicit, consolidate and manage this information on State and Regional levels, so how is it that background checks with an inadequate database of information is supposed to make us safer? The greater reality is that most bad guys will never obtain a weapon through legal means anyway and the mentally ill aren’t always walking around in their fatigues displaying homicidal tendencies…hindsight is 20/20 and no background check is going to fix that…never did and never will. NICS is and has always been a broke system and the idea of universal background checks, while looking good to the uniformed (courtesy of our liberal media) as a broad stroke,  is really only good for checking one thing…the political block.