Georgia Department of Natural Resources: Labor Day Weekend Fishing Report

Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend and Go Fish Georgia

Although the weather will be warm, there are still some great fishing opportunities available across the state, especially if you avoid the midday heat. In north Georgia, the rivers are low and clear and the fish are looking up. Plenty of great chances at river bass and bream!

There were great reports coming from the coast this week, as saltwater seems to be fishing great. Whether fishing for flounder from the St. Simons Pier, sheepshead under a bridge, trout at Crooked River, or tarpon at the St. Marys Jetties, you should have success.

The Altamaha River and local ponds are your best bets in freshwater for southeast Georgia. Bluegill and catfishing should be great options on the big river. In ponds, fish early and late for bluegills, catfish or bass.

Check out this week’s Georgia Fishing Reports on our blog, and Go Fish Georgia this Labor Day weekend!

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Field Care: From the Field to the Taxidermist

The quality of the finished mount is usually a direct reflection of the care the animal receives when collected. The lower the quality of the skin, the lower the quality of the end product. There are some steps that you, the sportsman, can take that will account for about 50% of the quality of the finished mount. First, consider selecting a reputable taxidermist that is a member of a State or National Taxidermists trade organization. These associations are a critical link in a conservative coalition that supports localized wildlife management practices and your right to hunt and fish. They offer a wealth of information to the general public and professional development opportunities for taxidermists. Continue reading

Alabama: Black Bear Sightings Continue to Increase

outdoor_al_logo_3While Alabama’s black bear population is relatively low, estimated at less than 350 animals, it appears to be increasing as evidenced by higher than normal sightings. Recent black bear sightings in Butler and Choctaw counties add to the growing number of observations outside the animal’s traditional ranges in the state. In recent years, bear sightings have also been recorded in Jefferson, Lee, Chambers and Macon counties. Continue reading