Alaska…A Great Place for the Outdoorsman

Jeff Ryle is living my Alaskan dream. While many of us spend the better part of our lives thinking about, saving for and maybe (if we are lucky) getting a smalljeff moose (2) taste of life in the Alaskan Wilderness, Jeff  lives it to its fullest. A true Citizen Sportsman, he has given most of his adult life serving our Nation, dedicating his experience and expertise…critical skills that he learned, lived and later trained both in the Army and as a contractor supporting the war effort in Afghanistan and Iraq. Still, with all of that to his credit, it only begins to scratch the surface of who this mountain of a man really is.  It is his keen skills of survival and a relentless respect for his environment that truly defines him, whether it be in the streets of Kabul or on America’s last frontier. Continue reading