Brian Bakers Blackwater Buck

IMG956962 (3)If you have ever fished the Florida Panhandle for big bucketmouths, you know what pressure is. The bass population is healthy and there are plenty of good spots to get in to,  but more than a fair share of competition throughout the year despite the fact that the western Panhandle is not necessarily known for its bass fishing. But for Milton resident, Brian Baker, the panhandle has all the “right stuff”. He’s been hunting and fishing this area all of his life which has probably been a factor to his enduring success in the field. His secret? Know what right feels like (although he would probably tell you that it’s not really a secret). And maybe it’s not that simple for the rest of us, but on Brians turf, that’s what its all about. Part of his turf is Blackwater, a reoccurring location in some of his greatest experiences.
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