Puzzle Pieces by Lindsay Persico

Lindsay Persico writes about “hunting and existing outdoors” in her Blog, Huntfiber.

“My love of hunting began as a little girl as I watched my daddy head out on hunting trips and later packed my own gear along and headed out with him. He taught me so much and really helped me develop my love for wildlife and the outdoors.”

As Lindsay describes her Fathers influence on her passion for hunting, I think back to my summers on the Lake in Odessa and my Uncles influence on mine. It seems to be for Lindsay as it was for me, not simply about the taking of life, but, in fact, about the many enduring lessons of it that we take from those experiences. In the process we get closer to who we really are as human beings which is about as close to the natural order as we will ever get. This is the draw that leads to such a passion.

“I want to share my love and experiences with others and show the world that a regular girl can be an avid and successful hunter on public land.” Continue reading