Alabama Volunteers Needed to Participate in Avid Bowhunter Survey

Alabama_silDo you spend 10 or more days each year bowhunting in Alabama? If so, you can help contribute to the conservation and management of white-tailed deer in the state.

The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division (WFF) is encouraging bowhunters who hunt for at least 10 days during the 2015-2016 deer season to participate in the Avid Bowhunter Survey. Information collected will provide WFF personnel with the data needed to monitor deer populations and measure hunter satisfaction and success.

Avid Bowhunter Survey participants will be asked:

• which county they hunted
• the date and time of each hunt
• number of bucks, does, and/or fawns seen
• type of land being hunted
• and other basic information related to the hunt

Hunter participation in this survey is very important to the future of deer hunting in Alabama. This knowledge ultimately helps WFF make management decisions that link the interests of sportsmen with the wise use of the state’s wildlife resources.

To participate in the Avid Bowhunter Survey, contact WFF at 334-242-3469 or email Robin Heath at WFF staff will provide bowhunters with information about how to complete the survey.
For information about the 2015-2016 deer season including hunting zone maps and bag limits, visit

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