Common Sense

stock-footage--we-the-people-background-with-us-flag-and-old-ship (1)How would you feel if your 14 year old child was suspended and subsequently arrested for bringing to school a “clock” project in a suitcase that just happened to look like a bomb? I know how I would feel…mad, pissed off with a case of the butt! I would be stomping my feet, pulling out my hair and screaming from the top of my lungs….I HAVE FAILED!  MY CHILD HAS NO COMMON SENSE! SOMEBODY SHOOT ME! I mean, the last thing I would want would be to have to go to the Whitehouse or take a worldwide tour with the little knucklehead after a stunt like that.

To say that I am pretty po’d that this delinquent kid Ahmed Mohamed, with a history of behavior issues, has become a hero is an understatement….I am even more appalled that he and his parents are suing the city of Irving Texas for $10 Million and attempting to extort the School district for $5 Million…because, as their Attorney stated, “…the responsible adults involved irrationally assumed that Ahmed was dangerous because of his race, national origin and religion.”  No stupid! It looked like a BOMB and in case you haven’t noticed our world has changed…all the picket fences are gone and nobody watches Leave It to Beaver anymore. Idiot.

This is not nearly the first case in this country of a child bringing a weapon or something resembling a weapon of some sort to school. It is not the first time a child has been suspended or detained and in some cases even the parents have been arrested. I don’t know of any of those who were Muslims…maybe, but not from what I have read.  Now I can’t really blame this child for coming up with this absurd notion that he has been emotionally scarred and needs $15 Million to get over it because he obviously has no common sense anyway and the fact remains that he is a child. I can’t really blame him for not fully understanding how his “clock” could have been perceived by a teacher in a school full of children as a threat. It is his parents I blame first…for not ‘getting it”, or better for seizing an opportunity to capitalize on a very liberal disease that is infecting this country on an epidemic level…terminal offense.  Islamophobia, Homophobia, Racism…all charges that relate to terminal offense and just about anything that anyone does no matter how benign can be somehow dropped into one of these buckets, among an entire buffet of buckets. And while there are real examples of all of these in our society, the credibility of true claims is marginalized by the terminally offended that are looking for opportunities. There are community organizers and religious leaders like Al Sharpton that make their living doing this. There are predatory attorneys like the one representing Ahmed Mohamed that lie in wait for opportunities like this….and this one is a career making landmark for an attorney. These folks quickly moved on an invitation from our Commander in Chiefs invitation to the Whitehouse and conducted a worldwide PR tour to strengthen their image, visiting foreign dignitaries in Turkey, Jordan, Sudan and Qatar. Ahmed Mohamed has been named by Time Magazines as one of its “30 Most Influential Teens of 2015”.  How does this happen?

Now, the Justice department is investigating the Irving Independent School District … “regarding both harassment and the discipline of students on the basis of race, religion and national origin.” This gives real credibility to an absolutely incredible claim. Some might argue that this is necessary to bring visibility to ground truth…Of course that would be the smelliest variety of BS. Was it necessary for the Justice Department to get involved in the Ferguson case? The Justice Department may just be attempting to indirectly assist the plaintiffs with their case by railroading the school district. Why? Because the most important thing to our leadership seems to be appeasement of the terminally offended.

Now what was I saying about common sense?

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