Extremist Behavior


Cody Jones

As I read through the posts from all of the wonderful supporters of the Jones family, it is hard to imagine how even a small minority of people can be so insensitive. Kendall Jones, a Texas Tech Cheerleader and high profile hunter born and raised in Texas understands this as well as anyone. Kendall’s father, Cody, was tragically killed late last week in a vehicle accident, so naturally, thousands of supporters, well wishers and yes, even haters left comments on Kendall Facebook page. There is no question that there is widespread division (albeit grossly lopsided) on the subject of hunting and even fishing, much of it fueled on social media and as much by mainstream media. You should read some of the ridiculousness spilled on the web, directed at and about this family and others like them. I myself have been slandered by the anti-hunting establishment because I am a taxidermist and I haven’t even hunted in several years!  Now, here’s my take…Its ok to have an opinion and even strong feelings about something…that’s the beauty of being an American. We could all agree to disagree and continue to support and defend our own positions without getting aggressively personal, but that is not going to happen because there will always be mouthy extremists who operate solely on emotion. Continue reading

TWRA Announces Creation of Web Page with Cougars Information

Tennessee_sil2NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has announced that it has created its page on its website with information on cougars for the public.

Recent cougar sightings have been confirmed at four locations in Tennessee and the TWRA is taking a proactive stance in making information available. The cougar has not been seen in Tennessee since the early 20th century until recently. Cougars primarily inhabit the western region of the United States and extend to the east as far as the western edge of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and close to the eastern borders of Colorado and Texas.

The information can be viewed on the TWRA website http://www.tn.gov/twra/article/cougars-in-tennesseee.