The Growing American Insurgency

Theodore "Theo" Olson, a special education teacher at Como Park High School in St. Paul, Minn.As a disclaimer…I sincerely hope that you are not offended by my comments…but if you are, you will have to get over it or move on because I will not apologize for it….

Its time folks. Whether you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or whatever…get over yourselves. Its time to stand up and say NO MORE. Its time to stop appeasing, correcting our language and cowering to a growing establishment that refuses to accept responsibility. Acknowledging the problem and accepting responsibility is the path to collective resolution and that is the direction we need to be going together. The only thing this BLM “leader” Rashad Turner does is create division and incite violence. Google him…Read about him…even BLM followers in St Paul are weary of this guy and his grandstanding.

So here we have a respected teacher who dared to tell it like it is and never once made mention of or even alluded to race…yet this clown Rashad Turner (former School Board CANDIDATE and the face of the St Paul BLM movement) threatened to shutdown the school if the teacher was not fired.

Shut down a school? A town? Are you freaking kidding me?!?! That’s not a demonstration or a peaceful protest he is talking about there…he said “shutdown action”. That is a terroristic threat! Where is the outrage? Cuff ‘Em, Danno .

Turner also said publicly… “we need to rid the district of all employees who share the belief in the racial bias and disdain that Mr. Olson shared so comfortably.” What??? How about reading the teachers comments again Mr High and Mighty.

And so the superintendent responded and now the teacher is on “paid administrative leave”. Really? When are we going to delete these hoods? A sad footnote is that on the same day this teacher was placed on administrative leave, another teacher in the same school was beaten by students and hospitalized when he attempted to intervene in an alleged drug deal…the very kind of behavior this teacher was talking about and the kind of behavior Mr Turner found to be racist. So tell me what we should call it? What can we say about this behavior that wont offend Rashad Turned and the BLM movement? We wouldn’t want to offend them, right? Because they may shut everything down… right?

Im going to call it like it is. We have a growing insurgency in America. It is no different than Islamic extremist twisting religion and spreading their sick idealism through terrorist tactics. It is no different… It starts out quiet and seemingly peaceful, strategically gaining empathy, support and concession with charges of oppression, bias and even imperialism. It progresses to criminal and terroristic acts that are proclaimed as justified and even legitimized by political leaders, scholars and pundits. Before long, we begin to succumb to their will…and that’s exactly what happened in St Paul and what is happening all across this once great Nation. We need to employ very deliberate counter insurgency measures to deal with it before it is more out of control than it is now.

Here is what I want to know about St Paul. Who is really racist and simply promoting an agenda? Who really cares about the school, the children and their education? Who is calling it like it is to draw attention to real problem? Who is willing to call it what it is and take action?

I always say I really grew up in the Army where we are all brother and sisters and dont have time to be concerned with the color of a persons skin … the guy next to you is your brother and he would die for you and you for him without batting an eye. As a soldier and as a Government contractor working with foreign forces, I have worked closely with and developed close personal lifelong friendships with people of all nationalities, races, ethnicities and religions. Those experiences were made easier by not having those preformed or programmed biases. I did witness racism in my life particularly in my youth. I saw it and heard it and even then it sickened me. Even then and throughout my lifetime, no matter what someone within my circle of family, friends or acquaintances said or did, I always formed my own opinion about people, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity or religion.

The point is, I am sensitive to it …I am sensitive to actions and language that could be deemed offensive but I can also spot an abuser…or someone who can take anything and turn it into something it is not. I can tell you this though …that teacher is the hero in this case and that BLM idiot Rashad is the race baiting spawn of Al Sharpton. Its time we dealt with this garbage once and for all.


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