Field Care: From the Field to the Taxidermist

The quality of the finished mount is usually a direct reflection of the care the animal receives when collected. The lower the quality of the skin, the lower the quality of the end product. There are some steps that you, the sportsman, can take that will account for about 50% of the quality of the finished mount. First, consider selecting a reputable taxidermist that is a member of a State or National Taxidermists trade organization. These associations are a critical link in a conservative coalition that supports localized wildlife management practices and your right to hunt and fish. They offer a wealth of information to the general public and professional development opportunities for taxidermists. Continue reading

State Regulations and Licenses


STATE   REG     Phone       Licenses
Alabama (AL) Web Site 888-848-6887 LicensingHuntingFishing
Alaska (AK) Web Site 907-465-4100 LicensingHuntingFishing
Arizona (AZ) Web Site 866-462-0433 LicensingHuntingFishing
Arkansas (AR) Web Site 800-364-4263 LicensingHuntingFishing
California (CA) Web Site 916-227-2245 LicensingHuntingFishing
Colorado (CO) Web Site 800-244-5613 LicensingHuntingFishing
Connecticut (CT) Web Site 860-424-3700 LicensingHuntingFishing
Delaware (DE) Web Site 302-739-5841 LicensingHuntingFishing
Florida (FL) Web Site 888-347-4356 LicensingHuntingFishing
Georgia (GA) Web Site 800-366-2661 LicensingHuntingFishing
Hawaii (HI) Web Site 808-587-0100 LicensingHuntingFishing
Idaho (ID) Web Site 800-554-8685 LicensingHuntingFishing
Illinois (IL) Web Site 217-782-6302 LicensingHuntingFishing
Indiana (IN) Web Site 317-232-4080 LicensingHuntingFishing
Iowa (IA) Web Site 800-367-1188 LicensingHuntingFishing
Kansas (KS) Web Site 620-672-5911 LicensingHuntingFishing
Kentucky (KY) Web Site 877-598-2401 LicensingHuntingFishing
Louisiana (LA) Web Site 888-765-2602 LicensingHuntingFishing
Maine (ME) Web Site 207-287-8000 LicensingHuntingFishing
Maryland (MD) Web Site 410-260-3220 LicensingHuntingFishing
Massachusetts (MA) Web Site 617-626-1500 LicensingHuntingFishing
Michigan (MI) Web Site 906-353-6651 LicensingHuntingFishing
Minnesota (MN) Web Site 888-646-6367 LicensingHuntingFishing
Mississippi (MS) Web Site 800-546-4868 LicensingHuntingFishing
Missouri (MO) Web Site 800-392-4115 LicensingHuntingFishing
Montana (MT) Web Site 406-444-2535 LicensingHuntingFishing
Nebraska (NE) Web Site 402-471-0641 LicensingHuntingFishing
Nevada (NV) Web Site 775-688-1500 LicensingHuntingFishing
New Hampshire (NH) Web Site 603-271-2461 LicensingHuntingFishing
New Jersey (NJ) Web Site 609-292-2965 LicensingHuntingFishing
New Mexico (NM) Web Site 800-862-9310 LicensingHuntingFishing
New York (NY) Web Site 866-933-2257 LicensingHuntingFishing
North Carolina (NC) Web Site 888-248-6834 LicensingHuntingFishing
North Dakota (ND) Web Site 800-406-6409 LicensingHuntingFishing
Ohio (OH) Web Site 800-945-3543 LicensingHuntingFishing
Oklahoma (OK) Web Site 405-521-3852 LicensingHuntingFishing
Oregon (OR) Web Site 503-947-6100 LicensingHuntingFishing
Pennsylvania (PA) Web Site 717-787-4250 LicensingHuntingFishing
Rhode Island (RI) Web Site 401-222-6800 LicensingHuntingFishing
South Carolina (SC) Web Site 803-734-3833 LicensingHuntingFishing
South Dakota (SD) Web Site 605-773-3485 LicensingHuntingFishing
Tennessee (TN) Web Site 888-814-8972 LicensingHuntingFishing
Texas (TX) Web Site 800-895-4248 LicensingHuntingFishing
Utah (UT) Web Site 801-538-4700 LicensingHuntingFishing
Vermont (VE) Web Site 802-241-3700 LicensingHuntingFishing
Virginia (VA) Web Site 866-721-6911 LicensingHuntingFishing
Washington (WA) Web Site 866-246-9453 LicensingHuntingFishing
West Virginia (WV) Web Site 304-558-2771 LicensingHuntingFishing
Wisconsin (WI) Web Site 877-945-4236 LicensingHuntingFishing
Wyoming (WY) Web Site 307-777-4600 LicensingHuntingFishing