NWTF Partners to Reach Online Hunting Community

EDGEFIELD, S.C. — The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) has partnered with Powderhook, a technology company with a mission of “Access for All,” to increase the effectiveness of the NWTF Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative.

“The NWTF recognizes hunters are a major funding source for wildlife management. We need more hunters to keep wildlife populations healthy and thriving, and access to hunting lands keeps hunters in the game. Solving the access problem is bigger than any one organization. We’re happy to partner with Powderhook and others to develop a solution,” said Doug Saunders, NWTF senior vice president of marketing.

Powderhook’s website allows hunters to easily find and share access to hunting clubs and leases, reputable outfitters, and private and public lands. The built-in communication and trip planning tools are essential to engaging new people and encouraging hunters to venture out more often.

“The mission of `Access for All’ is a big undertaking but that is why our partnership with the NWTF makes sense. We, too, are trying to increase the number of hunters along with the availability of hunting habitat,” said Eric Dinger, Powderhook CEO.

As an incentive to join the movement for preservation of our hunting heritage, the NWTF and Powderhook are giving away a once-in-a-lifetime turkey hunt with former MLB player, Ryan Klesko, and turkey hunting legend, Eddie Salter. Find the contest rules andenter to win at www.powderhook.com/nwtf.

The NWTF Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative is a charge that mobilizes science, fundraising and devoted volunteers to give the NWTF more energy and purpose than ever. Through this national initiative, NWTF has committed to raising $1.2 billion to conserve and enhance more than 4 million acres of essential upland wildlife habitat, create at least 1.5 million new hunters and open access to 500,000 new acres for hunting, shooting and outdoor enjoyment. Without hunters, there will be no wildlife or habitat. The NWTF is determined to Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.

For more information, contact Peter Muller at pmuller@nwtf.net or (803) 637-7698.

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